Āgenskalna iela, Āgenskalns


Apartments, 61.2 m², 3 rooms | FOR SALE | 

Agenskalns offers life in harmony? Sounds great!


Number of rooms: 3
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 2
Total area: 61.2 m²
Floor / Total floors: 3 / 5


House Type: New project
Balcony type: balcony
Lift: Yes
Heating system: central heating, autonomic heating
Condition: new building, under construction

Additional information

Parking: designated parking on property
Communications: cable tv, digi-tv, internet, phone
Security: locked staircase, video cameras
Sanitary arrangements: bath, has central sewerage, shower


Property type: Apartments
Total area: 61.2 m²
Direct reference: https://www.city24.lv/en/real-estate/apartments-for-sale/Riga-Agenskalns/2189816
City24 ID: 2189816