Advantages of buying apartment during construction stage

Although many people prefer to purchase their apartments after completion of the building, the ones who choose to buy during projects construction stage in many cases are getting significant advantages from their choice. These days, purchase of apartment during the construction stage is practical safe and easy and might give the buyers the following advantages. All news, Real estate news, IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS, City24 Better Affordability - by buying an apartment that is under construction buyer can afford a bigger apartments in the same budget, as these properties are sold with a under - construction discount.  As soon as the new real estate project is finished, rates are increased to be in balance with other “on sale” apartments in the particular area.

Better options - while reserving an under - construction apartment, person is able to choose the location and the most apropriate unite. Whereas when a person searches for the ready to move in house/apartment, only few apartments that spark interest might be available in the locality.

Payment flexibility - project developer offers a different payment plans. In case of IRIS it has been 10% downpayment plan and as the project is also Altum approved, buyer in some cases can get a chance to pay only 5% downpayment (if the buyer qualifies for one of the Altumn plans.)*

Choice of renovation - customers can make relavant changes under construction. Under-construction property once complete will be a brand new property that already has buyers personal imput from the design choices that have been made. Whereas in the ready to move property / apartments the chance to customize is limited or very costly.

The resent success of selling apartments during construction stage in projects like IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS demonstrate that today’s buyers are well avare of the discribed advantages and willing to buy before the building is complete. 

The new real estate project IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS is located in  the quiet and safe Shampeteris distric and is already approching it’s 2nd important milestone - Commisioning of Houses A, B and C. House A will be commissioned in the Q2 of 2019., Houses B & C in Q3 2019. 

In addition to the approching commisioning, significant amount of apartmetns have been already sold in all of the Houses. Sales in the entire project: House A, B and C has now reached almost  50% even before the commisioning.

As the commisioning date is approaching and builders are finishing works on the interor finishes and adding final touches on the exterior works, IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS developer is reflecting on the 1 year long journey:

"In just a short while IRIS has been built and become the high class economy real estate project that only a year ago was just a planned vision."

Developer of IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMETNS points out that it has been a delight to see that the people who purchace the apartments are mainly from the nearest area or Shampeteris itself. 

"This shows that people appriciate the advantages that home in Shampeteris area can offer: greean, clean and quiet but at the same time dynamic way of life." 

More information on the IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS home page. Chance to visit  demo apartment by making a prior visit arrangements with the IRIS sales managers via: tel: +371 29-642-499, e-mail:

*Altum program for young specialists or young families.



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