My property is my castle

Daniel Jahn shares his experience as the owner and host of the Kukšu Manor, a guru of hospitality and a knowledgeable expert, who has participated in several projects of new buildings, renovated and reconstructed properties starting from the suites in Art Nouveau buildings and hotels and till the rebirth of a historical manor. Real estate is one of the safest and well-considered future investments. Especially in these changing times, when our home has become our castle quite literally. What should we draw our attention to, when choosing and buying a property? 

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Quality, location and emotional connection with the property

No doubt, investment in real estate is a very important decision. Therefore, there are numerous aspects that need to be considered before you buy your new home. First of all, you need to carefully evaluate all the nuances related to the purchase of real estate – starting from the quality of the project and the reputation of the developer and ending with the involved parties – architects, construction company and designers. 

The value of the property from the perspective of entrepreneurs or investors is primarily determined by location, location and location once again. It is a well-known answer, when a question is asked about the value of the property and your investment in it. For a potential customer, of course, there are also other factors that contribute to the value of the property. From my point of view, the biggest value is emotional connection – it is a property that your family will have and has had throughout many generations. Then, of course, the practical value needs to be considered – so that it is convenient to commute to work, children can get to school quickly and safely, there is an excellent infrastructure in terms of the public transport and convenient traffic in terms of the private means of transport, so that it s located near all the necessary public services and green recreation areas. 

Ecological aspects and the texture of emotions 

When you think about purchasing a new home, I definitely recommend taking into account the ecological requirements, which are essential to avoid further investment in the short-term perspective. The use of construction materials that are environment-friendly and sustainable both indoors and outdoors, as well as energy efficient technologies and ecological ventilation and heating systems – all this contributes to high-quality and sustainable real estate. It has to be an architectonic building adjusted to the environment, so that the building would not appear as a foreign element. 

However, to my mind, the biggest value of the property consists of the vibe that the property emotes. To me, the aura of the building, the emotions that arise are especially crucial. It is often said that each home has its soul, and it really plays an essential role. I live in a historical building and I have heard from my guests on numerous occasions that the building has a special aura. It is not anything supernatural; it is part of reality. If you don’t feel like a master in your castle, something needs to be changed. Only after the emotional connection, to my mind, all the other aspects should be considered – the quality of the construction work, interior, the number of bedrooms, etc. 

A justified decision for long-term solutions. What will the future bring? 

To ensure that the decision to buy property would be wise and justified in the long-term, it is important to make sure that the previously mentioned features, as well as the ones corresponding to the needs of the owners are provided – for example, the distance to schools and kindergartens, the infrastructure of public transport, parking options, etc. After all, each owner evaluates his or her needs, intentions and budget before buying the real estate, taking into account the future of the building, so that the new home would only accumulate value in the upcoming years and would pay off in the long term as a valuable investment. 

Especially, I would like to emphasise the quality of construction works and the duration of the property use. It is important to make sure this question is answered, since the real estate often serves as a form of “security” for old age and can be passed to the next generations. Financial resources are also important – how my budget corresponds to the price of the property and to what extent is it possible to reach an agreement about mortgage with the banks?

It is especially essential if you are buying a “premium” class property. It is highly recommended to get in touch with the developers, find out their answers to all your questions. For example, the new "River Breeze Residence" project at the centre of Riga is exactly as the name suggests. The location is fantastic – near the city centre with the presence of water and an excellent view, where it is possible to enjoy and have a breath of fresh air. The location is dynamic, full of life and successful – these qualities are passed over to one’s subconsciousness and are sold in this way.  

The choice of your place of residence today 

The object must be a contemporary project of urban environment, as it can be seen in many cities all over the world and similarly to how it is pursued by "Pro Kapital" in the Baltic States. The "upscale" market needs to be equipped will all the amenities that are needed by the citizens and a good infrastructure – a central location with architecturally appealing design, services corresponding to the needs, service and prestige, well-considered planning of surroundings, development and maintenance, as ensured by the developer, and the future value of the obtained property in the long-term for  future generations. 

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