Apartment with terrace or private garden – it’s not a dream, but a reality in IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS apartment complex

Apartment with terrace or private garden – it’s not a dream, but a reality in IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS apartment complex. For a limited amount of time till 31st of August, 2020, all of IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS 1st floor GARDEN APARTMENTS are being offered with special promotions.  The philosophy of the IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS project has always been - a modern apartment in the city with the advantages of a private house. A place that not only brings peace to the heart, gives comfort and is visually attractive, but also has a sense of personality. 

In a time when outdoor space has started to play a major role in everyday life of a city dweller, more and more people look for an apartment with a private outdoor space. By living in the city, sometimes people have to give up such things as fresh air, bird songs in the morning and small greened outdoor spaces where a person can recharge,  take a break and relax. 

For IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS developer these things are not extras. They are esentials and because of this reason all of the 1st floor apartments are designed with either private garden patios, terraces or both. Based on IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS philosophy, all has to be in balace – why sacrifice the summer evening in the greened area to have an apartment close to the bustling city center or why sacrifice the valuable time in a long comute to the city if the nature and life in a greened area is esential?

By purchacing apartment in IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS person gets a chance to experience the best of two worlds. A nice and modern city apartment with an added bonus of terrace, garden patio or balcony in a quiet and green Riga district.

Why choose apartments with garden? 

Apartment is used more practically (inner and outer areas are designed to flow from one to another). Apartments feels seemingly bigger;

Outer space can be utilized more conveniently as the owner of the apartment gets access to a private greened area;

Easier access to the apartments: no need to use an elevator or stairs. Great for couples with young kinds, elderly family members;

1st floor apartments are better designed to accommodate pets who need a place to walk and run;

A great extra for the new parents who can not only watch the baby but also let him rest in a stroller on the private terrace;

Private place to grow flowers, herbs or small vegetables or a place to put out some garden furniture or make private picnics.All of the apartments in IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS have light and airy rooms in calm and natural tones, high ceilings and panoramic windows. All of the bathrooms are equipped with appliances from Germany. Gated and guarded inner area of the apartment complex has variety of recreation areas: playgrounds, outdoor sports and relaxation zones. 

As of August 1st, 2020, IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS has left with only few 1st floor garden apartments, five of them with two bedrooms, one with three bedrooms all of which have a large terraces and spacious garden patios, and three one bedroom apartments with garden patios overlooking the park or terraces that overlook the courtyard of the complex. 

IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS houses have been built in one of the greenest districts in Riga – Shampeteris. Building complex stands only 15-20 min. away from Riga City center and resort city – Jurmala. Neighborhood of the residential complex is known for its great infrastructure: bicycle roads, public transportation and trains. 

For more information about all the advantages of living in Shampeteris, see our website!

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"In our projects neighbours become friends!" Aleksey Zagrebelny, CEO of R.EVOLUTION CITY



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"In our projects neighbours become friends!" Aleksey Zagrebelny, CEO of R.EVOLUTION CITY


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During this winter holiday season IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS gives up to 18 000 EUR discounts to its available apartments!

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