A house for the price of an apartment, now even less costly

Imperceptibly autumn has set in bringing along dark evenings, foggy mornings and sunny days when land slowly wakes up from the night’s frosts, but trees are shedding the remaining leaves. Autumn. More and more time we tend to spend at home.

Home is the place where we return after our daily deeds. Where we feel best. Where dwells our family. Almost for everyone a home is the biggest and most expensive purchase in a lifetime. Purchase, to make which we are preparing thoroughly – carefully making the right decision as well as planning expenses.

For some the right choice is a house in the well-maintained private house villages Nordic Villages in Adazi, Babite and Carnikava. A family house for the price of an apartment – this is how one of the inhabitants of the village "Ziedlejas" in Carnikava has described his choice. And really – a Nordic Villages custom home project with full finish and adjoining land plot starting from 1200m2 costs in average between 130 000 and 180 000 EUR. One has to agree – this is a price of an apartment in a new project in a residential district. But here what you get is – a family house with a lawn for kids to play, with a bed of herbs to season your meals, with greenery to bring beauty and joy.

At the moment purchase of a Nordic Villages custom house has become even more accessible due to the cooperation with DNB bank. Those who have not yet learned about our special offer – please, read on:

· The added bank interest rate during the first year – 2%. During the next period – the rate is fixed according to the terms and conditions of the mortgage agreement.

· Reduced commission fee for mortgage drawing up – 0.5%.

· Free of charge use of an escrow account, provided the purchase transaction is executed by the DNB bank.

· Deferral of the principal payment for the first 6 months.

Please note that this offer is effective by 1st of March, 2016, provided mortgage loan application is completed in DNB bank. You still have time!

Nordic Villages

20/22 Baznīcas street, Rīga

Phone: +371 2200 8870

E-mail: info@nordicvillages.lv


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Let’s make our dreams come true – a new year in a new home


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