Let’s make our dreams come true – a new year in a new home

Setting in of a New Year is the time of reflections, hopes and new goals. It is the time when we take decisions to make our dreams come true. For many of us improvement of living conditions is an open issue. For some – purchase of a house, for some – of a new apartment, for someone else – home redecoration.

Purchase of a new home is one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. In order to implement this dream we take time and care, both – in evaluating our own possibilities as well as in assessing the offer. At the moment in the 3 Nordic VillagesLapsas in Babite, Dailas in Adazi and Ziedlejas in Carnikava, one can choose between 10 different new homes. The 2 newly built project Cinnamon homes might as well be the beginning of a new, more comfortable and happy life.

Both new homes are located in the village Lapsas, within mere 15 minutes’ drive from the Riga city centre. Although the houses are finished just a few weeks ago, they are ready to accommodate their new owners. Full finish, quality bathroom facilities, pellet boiler heating, and garage – all you need is to furnish the house and install kitchen equipment of your own choice. However, if you wish, you can live in the new house right now – all you need for the start is a mattress and a grill.

Each land plot takes more than 1330 m2 thus enabling each member of the family to indulge their gardening dreams – a lawn, a bed of organic herbs or flowers, a composition of evergreens.

Price of each of the two Cinnamon houses together with the adjoining land plots is around 192 000 EUR. It is worthy to know that properties’ prices in the Nordic Villages start from 125 000 EUR. 

Besides by March in DNB bank offers special mortgage conditions for those who wish to buy homes in the Nordic Villages. Moreover, if you wish to live in Carnikava or Adazi – you can order your dream home in one of these beautiful villages. And right before summer – in six month time – you can start your life in a new home in a well-maintained village.

We wish you courage, luck and success in implementing your dreams!

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