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90 288 EUR
2 400 EUR/m²

37.62 m², 1 rooms | Apartments for sale


7 reasons to buy an apartment in the Philosophers´ Residence:
- majestic views from the panoramic windows, balconies and terraces of the apartments on the Daugava River, the Old Town and the green low-rise housing of Kipsala 
- convenient location at the heart of the city, while away from the noise and haste 
- modern intellectual architecture
- unique interiors of the entrance and stair halls 
- the highest requirements for quality of the construction and interior finishing, to systems of energy- and heat-saving, to planning solutions 
- project with the name and philosophy that you will be proud of 
- profitable investment – quality and premium-class attributes and costs of projects in the middle price segment (from 1900 euros per m2).

Friendly prices for those who are accustomed to act in the due time! We have a dynamic pricing system, that increases the price by 10% while achieving 15% of reservations (by the time of commissioning by +30%).

The Philosophers´ Residence is a dedication to the future tenants, each of whom follow their philosophy of life, their choice, and the main task of the project developers set themselves is to create the ambience that is supporting the tenants walking their chosen path, help them in opening of new opportunities, in searching for new ideas and purposes. Each element of a quarter designed to assist a resident in implementing his or hers philosophy.
Library in the home´s lobby, basketball court, ping-pong terrace and novuss, children's playground, places for meditative relaxation overlooking the Alley of Philosophers and coast of the ancient Daugava and no vehicles on the territory of the modern residence philosophers corresponds to the spirit of the times. 

The history of the land on which the Philosophers´ Residence is constructed, is imbued with philosophy. This is the land where German philosophers lived on, who were a part of the group of like-minded ones whom Goethe called "Sturm und drang": J.G. Hamann (from 1753 to 1759), and J.G. Herder (from 1764 to 1769). They had set serving the philosophical thought as the goal of their lives. For the contemporaries to remember the history, and never forget the people who lived and worked in Latvia, we named the Towers HERDER and HAMANN, and the project itself PHILOSOPHERS´ RESIDENCE.

Location of the Philosophers’ Residence is truly unique.
The project is located in Riga, on the left bank of the Daugava River (Pardaugava), the future City of the the Latvian capital with the first buildings being Saules Akmens and Ztowers. The city center and its historical part are 15 minutes walking distance away, the airport 15 minutes drive and to the Baltic resort Jurmala popular 20 minutes away.

Active, fruitful life and high quality leisure are those two aspects of life that should be in harmonious equilibrium, therefore, particular importance is paid to the project environment. Being respectful to the most beautiful views that historically opened from the Philosophers Alley, we raise the house by 14 meters from the ground level. Canopy, built around the project, forms the second level of the territory of recreation, the solution that significantly increases the space intended for outdoor recreation activities for residents. On the territory, there are children's playground with a ship and other attractions, sports area with gym, a place to play basketball, ping-pong tables and bris Novus, bocce playground, places for bikes. The territory is not open for cars, all the cars are parked in an underground parking lot. Alley with 300 year old oak trees, where the 18th century notionalists loved to walk is called the Philosophers´Alley to their honor, is carefully preserved and upgraded.

The architecture of the building continues to the general idea of the quarter, the buildings visually resemble a pile of books stacked on top of each other, where each floor is a new book, new content with its own philosophical approach to life. Terraces and balconies of each apartment of different sizes and directions can help solve the complex architect´s task to visualize the image and create possibilities for meditative relaxation for the residents. The basis of the color solution of the architectural concept is a negative film of a black and white photography of a pile of books.

For implementing the project whilst maintaining the highest requirements to quality, the leading Latvian architect Andris Kronbergs was invited, who is the owner and head of the ARHIS architectural workshop.

In the hall that amazes with its 12 meter height, there is a library with the open book pages, with the set of the philosophers´works that have inspired the creation of the Philosophers´ Residence, as well as with the works of other notionalists. Through the hall´s panoramic glass walls, the views to the Philosophers´Alley, skillfully upgraded and lit coast of the ancient Daugava that is enframed by the century old oaks and maples are opening.

Furniture group with spacious sofas for visitors´ reception or relaxing with a cup of coffee and a book. Unique volume of the hall is emphasized by the chandelier that is an art object of impressive magnitude, descending to those entering from a height of 12 meters. Friendly concierge´s reception desk is built into one of the walls of the hall. Double leafed 4-meter portal door is leading to the elevators that is built into the bookshelves going up to the ceiling. When stepping into this door, one is getting to the elevators hall with the natural stone finish. The ceiling height of the hall is 6.30 meters, the hall´s space further extends the 5-meter mirror. This where the custom designed Kone elevators (ceiling height 2.4 meters) will deliver you to you unique floor with an individual atmosphere and philosophy, where you will be met by a spacious hall and a custom designed 2.40-meter high door to your apartment. 

After you open your door to the apartment, you get into a warm and cozy interior´s atmosphere, and your sight is met by a breathtaking view from the window. The ceiling height in the apartments inspires to breathe freely: up until the 14th floor it is 2.91 meters, above the 14th floor it is 3.11 meters, for those especially freedom loving ones the penthouses´ height is 3.20 and 7 meters in the living room. We paid special attention to the functionality of the layout of the apartments, each with a separate bedroom and closet or wardrobe rooms, spacious balconies and terraces where you can place a table and chairs. All apartments are commissioned with the full Interior finish, you can choose the appropriate style out of 2 options. 

Three penthouses deserve a separate attention - these are a real ode to leadership and success. The ceiling height in the living room, 7 meters, panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows offer a constantly changing pattern of beauty surrounding the city – living embodiment of vibrant, hedonic philosophy. Living room, study, private kitchen not connected with the reception area, spacious public area and now, we shall proceed to the second, sleeping level. Each apartment has its own master bedroom. And shall you have been missing the blue sky over your head, or thoughts started feeling congested under the ceiling of 3.20 meters, it is time to go to the third level. Spacious terrace with an area of 100-120 meters is the place where you can implement any dream of an open-air swimming pool, solarium or BBQ – under protection of 2-meter glass walls that cover from the wind, and where it is comfortable in any weather.

The Philosophers´ Residence project is located on a landscaped area of 4200 square meters. There are a total of 115 apartments in the project. The project consists of two residential apartment buildings with 22 and 23 floors, connected by an underground parking.
When designing the Philosophers´ Residence, the parameters exceeding those construction normatives determined by the European Union and complying with the increased requirements of reliability and comfort, which allows to place the residence to the Premium class projects. Load-bearing capacity and rigidity of the buildings is increased significantly by the design solutions, so that even destruction of 30% of the load-bearing structures, the buildings will remain standing. With the wind loads increasing, the top levels apartments owners will not feel any discomfort. 

Ventilated facade coated with embossed AGROB BUCHTAL ceramic tiles made by the German Deutsche Steinzeug innovator company greatly improve the visual characteristics that match the luxury buildings and create additional advantages. 
The flooring in the lobby and stone-tiled finished stairs is from the leading Italian manufacturer. The lighting – lighting fixtures and recessed LED-tape along the ceiling in the niches equipped with the motion sensors. The entrance doors to the apartments are custom made on a special order – firesafe to Ei30, Walnut or dyed Oak Root veneered, excellent noise insulation, equipped with the Made in Germany Stainless Steel accessories. Wood Windows with aluminum plates outside, double glazing units with 0.5 conductivity, wooden 92 mm framing, aluminum 1.4 mm profile. We have achieved the thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.78 was achieved by working out the entire system – the walls pie, windows, fixtures, therefore providing the Philosophers´ Residence with the most efficient system minimizing the utilities costs and ensuring a comfortable living environment.
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Property type: Apartments
Price: 90 288 EUR
Total area: 37.62 m²
Direct reference:
Additional information:
Price / unit: 2 400 EUR/m²

Monthly payment of this property in SEB bank: Send request for credit consultation


House Type: New project
Condition: under construction


Number of rooms: 1
Number of bedrooms: 1
Total area: 37.62 m²
Floor / Total floors: 6 / 23


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Philosophers Residence

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